Providing  Mental Health Care Services and Opioid Treatment, Advocacy and Education

  • We are a Non Profit Organization 501 c (3) Charity.
  • We provide income based sliding scale direct care services, community based works; local, national and international support/education. Be a part of the journey! Building bridges, breaking down barriers, and enhancing the lives and communities as we work together!

Palms Wellness Center (PWC)

Palms Wellness Center  (PWC) has been serving  North Carolina for over 15 yrs, providing traditional methodologies combined with a holistic approach. Using a variety of skill sets inclusive of traditional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) , Interactive and Relational Therapy,  and Motivational Therapy methodologies, with a focus on a holistic approach, various arts, ( Writing/Journaling/Drawing, Mindfulness Coloring, and the use of outdoors/nature and more).

Our Specialities for Outpatient Care 

  • Talk Therapy, using a "relational approach" integrated with (CBT) Cognitive Therapy, and Interactive Therapy help you the "individual" to access quality compassionate care. 
  • Suboxone Therapy(Medication Assisted Therapy) Free of "stigmatization".
  • Interactive Art Therapy (using various methods suited for the "individual" you are.)
  • Grief and Loss Therapy, Spouse, Child, Parent(s), friends, others... (Additionally Certified Lead Therapist)
  • Recovering from the Loss of your Fur Friend/Companion? All of us at PWC have shared in the grief process of our own family member.... our fur kids. We are sincerely here for you too, We are here to help you through this grief process we "get it". Pls call us we want to help you with this very challenging time in your life.
  • Autism Spectrum  Sensory and Social Challenges  Additionally Certified with 25 plus yrs experience working with Autism Gifted persons.
  • Intersex Support Services and Educational Resources and Awareness (35 Plus yrs Experience). Support for those facing the challenges with Intersex variances (DSD)  "Differences of Sexual Development". We are here for parents with infants to stop what is "non medically necessary" surgical alterations (called normalization) on infants who have no voice for themselves. We can help you access "ethical" medical care for various needs at all stages of life. We are networked with many specialist's that treat DSD patients with respect and dignity as needs change throughout all stages of life. We are here for you! And "Can" help!
  • Management skills Enhancement (Employee Retention Program for Companies) EOE Program for Corporations, Businesses who have Management/Employees with High Stress Issues, Organizational and other job duty challenges. Give us a Call we can help! Manufactories, Healthcare Corporations, Sales and Marketers, and others.
  • "Community Immersion Program" Feeling alone, isolated, bored, no where to "hang out", explore new hobbies, or interests in a "safe space"? Breaking down stigma's and building up bridges! We are bringing the first ever "Community Immersion Program" to Eastern NC! More info coming very shortly!

Working collectively to meet individual, family, and community needs.

In office work, or via Tele-Care/Tele-Med, We are here to support you through your Journey.

Our highly qualified Licensed Providers have over 30 yrs. experience  All patients are treated  in a relaxed, supportive environment.  From the first time you call or walk through the door you will know we care. All staff are helpful and friendly and will be very pleased to sincerely help you.
The quality of care we provide is always  our primary areas of focus. This can only be achieved through erasing false stigma's and assisting persons in immediately letting go of the shame often felt when suffering silently.  At PWC we aim to empower you so that you can achieve the goals you desire. We are here to support and guide you along this journey.

We provide direct care in-office and through the use of Tele-Health for all North Carolina residents. Please see our list below in areas which we are Specialized.  Click the link and read more about our lead licensed providers .

Working For Communities Nationwide For Equality

Our clinic is open Mon-Wed, while other days of the week are spent on educational and advocacy works that often require travel for assisting in various communities. Often we work with other organizations, churches, schools, companies, and medical providers/facilities, to increase and share knowledge to bring forth the progress needed for improved healthcare, and human rights, patient rights to dignity, as well as assisting in the ethics aspects of training through various methods providing further education .

Human Rights LGBTQ Advocacy Work

Direct Care Services for Intersex Care

We Support Diversity and Inclusion for ALL People.

For Specific background from our Lead Therapist who has many years of national and international work experience. Click Here to Read More.

Outdoor Exploring Resources

Healthy Living Outdoor Resources Across NC and Further

Plan your Adventure, and Share the Results! Email your photos and brief story/location so we can post and share with others. All are welcome, you do "not" have to be a patient/client at PWC to submit outdoor resources, family adventures, or your solo trip or back yard fun! Click Here To View the Adventures of Exploring the Outdoors  Together!

Grief/Loss of Your Pet (Fur Child)

Grief/Loss of your Fur Child  If you have lost your pet child who we "know" is a member of your family, and having a hard time with the grief and loss, please give us a call. We really do understand the traumatic experience this can be for many of "us". We are here to help you through your grief providing you a safe and supportive place to talk. You will find that "all" our staff have shared in this grief process ourselves and can provide you the support you need.

Art-Nature-Therapy- Palms Wellness Center

Utilizing Nature and the Arts for Holistic Therapy at PWC
Mindfulness, Healing, Processing Grief/Loss, and Assisting in exploring your individual gifts.

Through the use of holistic approaches to therapy we bring the mind, body and spirit together for the incredible healing and uplifting journey ahead! You do "not" need to consider yourself "artistically talented" to benefit from our numerous approaches! We all have a gift ( each of us are born with gifts, sometimes its a matter of tuning in to what they may be (some of you already know), but for those who are unsure, but assured of this ... you DO have gifts and we are dedicated to working with each individual person on the journey of more or new self discovery!  No two of us are the same. But we sure do share some commonalities! You don't have to be alone....let's explore together! And soon our "Community Immersion Program" will give you access to some really cool activities in ways never brought together!

(Drawing and Graphic Design for Therapeutic Mindfulness Activities. Drawing/Graphic Editing by Taylor Holder MSW/Clinical Director PWC.)

Mindfullness Drawing

Journaling for self exploration as part of the healing and growth process. Let the fear go and the ink flow! It will amaze each person at all levels of reading/writing, what the "Art of Writing" has to offer.

Blace's big Catch in Alaska, nothings too big to concur!Most never thought it possible or see it coming!

PWC Staff Member takes their fur kids for some down time in nature. A great place to get outside and spend some "me time" with your fur kids, or others, or by yourself. Though in nature you are never truly "by yourself".

Photography and Therapy, with your Fur Child too!

Special Note For Opioid Challenged Persons : If you or someone you love is struggling with Opioid Challenges and issues we CAN help provide "Immediate" relief utilizing medication management and therapeutic support.  You don't need to suffer and you don't need to go it alone- Give us a Call Today we are here for you free from judgement and shame. For more information please click here. 

Telehealth Care For North Carolina Residents
We  provide “Tele-med/Telehealth care” once patient is established, reducing travel time, time away from work, preventing loss of income, and travel expenses. Please call us with any questions or needs. We look forwarding to working with you to meet your personal goals towards healing and recovery with dignity and respect.

Please call 910-238-4513 for assistance.
FAX: 910-777-5017
Email Questions: Click Here

We are a BCBS In Network Provider.
We also accept Self Payer's (Income based sliding scale)
to fill the gaps for those who do not have access to Insurance

We do not receive "State Dollars" and thereby do not accept Medicaid or Medicare.