What We Offer

At Palms Wellness Center we work to assist people who suffer from Grief/Loss, Suboxone Therapy Program, and other mental health challenges to achieve wellness through the journey of healing. We use a combination of holistic and traditional practice methodologies to treat variety of needs. We are committed to the dignity and confidentiality of our clients. Our state of the art equipment, professional staff and supportive environment contribute to a comfortable and relaxed experience.What We Offer

At the Palms Wellness Center we offer Diagnostic Assessments, Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, Art Expression Therapy,  Interactive Therapy, Medication Management and HRT/Transition Therapy

Opioid Dependency/Addiction Care Treatment Program while utilizing multiple methodologies to meet YOUR individual needs. We also combine holistic approaches with traditional care unlike many places. We pride ourselves in seeing each person as a individual.

Services Provided at Palms Wellness Center

  • Substance Abuse, Mental Health Assessments & Diagnosis
  • Opioid Dependency and  Addiction Care
  • Suboxone Therapy(Medication Assisted Therapy) Free of “stigmatization“.
  • Anxiety/Stress

Grief and Loss  We have a Certified Grief Counseling Specialist on staff. (CGCS) as increased needs have occurred over this past yr plus, it became apparent that increasing tools to assist those who are calling for help,  facing new challenges relating to Grief and Loss was a priority.   It was imperative to continue with building our professional staff’s tools with the latest and up to date evidence based methodologies and skills, to provide all our clients/patients with the best care possible. We strive to always provide “quality” care with the latest in our profession.

  • Autism Spectrum “Gifted” with Sensory Gifts and Challenges. Certified specialist with over 30 yrs working with (ASD) or as we like to say (ASG) .
  • Transgender and Intersex Support Services/HRT Care  and Cognitive Therapy for Parents/Family Members, and Individuals in need of care (over 30 yrs experience). All staff are absolutely supportive and sensitive to the needs of our patients. We do not hire “anyone” who is not understanding, accepting and ethical in regard to the equality of LGBTIQ+ persons and all other marginalized persons. Our provider team has over 30 yrs of experience, and nearly 15 in direct care clinical practice alone.
  • Support for Parents of New Borns with Intersex Variances, or Adults who are Intersex,  30 plus yrs direct experience, full specialized! Over 25 yrs in coast to coast networking, support, advocating and public speaking, educating providers and others through out the US. and managing the medical world that is often very overwhelming. Our clinic Director is specialized and can provide you both therapeutic services, and support group access specific for intersex persons across the USA and Global network. You do not have to go this journey alone! Give us a call we are here for you.
  •  Life Skills Coaching and Management Enhancement using a Cognitive and Mindful Approach. We have helped business owners of “ALL” sizes achieve their goals. Reduce your stress, increase your time, and income. It’s not as hard as it seems, once we help you get out of the way! On average we have found that within 12-16 wks the increased productivity and the awards are being realized usually better than one had even hoped. “Therapy” is about learning to use tools that increase and enhance our quality of life.
Grief Loss Therapy- Parenting-Intersex Infants-Mental health Therapy-Suboxone

We also specialized in Grief and Loss, be it from divorce or becoming widowed early, we are here to support you.

At the Palms Wellness Center we accept BCBS, and Self Pay as forms of payment. For further information please call us.

If you have an out of network Insurance carrier pls call office as we may still be able to assist you! 

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