Healthy Living Outdoor Resources Across NC and Further


Healthy Living and Outdoor Resources Improving Mental and Physical Health Through Activities in Actions

Mindfulness- Fishing NC. Community Resources, Mental Health-Physical Health Care NeedsDowntown Jacksonville Wilson Bay Park. Great place for peaceful Meditation and Fishing. A great mindfulness Activity! 

Healing Mental, Physical and Spiritual wellness using the outdoor resources from your backyard  from the coastal regions across to the mountains, makes NC filled with a wealth of resources. From gardening, grilling, camping, fishing, day trips, to long weekends, from exploring easy hikes to waterfalls, or fishing local piers, rivers just outside your own town, or in your own town, discover what all there is to assist you on your way to better living, thriving, and discovery. Healthy hobbies, once possibly lost to you due to life challenges. We have made sure to provide resources which will cover “All” socioeconomic status’s and life styles. Healthy living is affordable to everyone, so we have aimed to be all inclusive and creative! See below how you too can contribute.

Raised Garden Bed for persons with physical disabilities. Improving our mental and physical care needs in our own yards across NC.

Backyard Raised Gardens- NC

Raised Garden beds - Physical Disabilities Resources- Outdoor Living NC-Mental HealthLarge Yard Located in Rural eastern NC. for persons with physical limitations enjoying their own gardening. 









Healthy Living Activities and Resources are in a great abundance across NC. Its time to get outside and explore, brush off the cobwebs, increase your physical and mental health fitness and wellness. From the Coast to the Mountains there is an incredible amount of activities available to everyone from all ages, socio economic levels, family styles and geographic locations, and physical health conditions. As a non profit organization providing our out patient clinical services, we have created this page to provide healthy living resources for everyone. This improves all aspects of wellness, at whatever point you are at, your mental, physical and spiritual fitness and wellness will be enhanced!

Getting Outside! From the backyard, down the road, or half day to day drivesCome join us in exploring what all the outdoors have to offer! Its time to get out into the great outdoors. The healing properties of activities offered by nature cannot be over stated.  Just 15 minutes in the sun gives your body the Vitamin C you need for better health. You can also learn to grow your own “simple garden”, or walk around a local park, fish off a little pier or banks of local rivers, you may not even know are right by you!



Outdoors NC- Pet Health- Safety

Taking our Fur Friend is always great! Here are some health tips to just remind you as you plan to go!

Don’t forget to take your Fur Kids but follow the rules.
Exploring the space around you…  What this has to offer…
We believe that as one begins to heal from  grief/loss, addiction issues, various forms of emotional trauma, it’s important to explore many new activities (or return to hobbies you once left behind). This allows you to thrive in ways you may at one time have given up on, or never had opportunities to enjoy.  These healthy resources are here for you to explore as you grow, thrive, and live the life you deserve. We encourage all our patients/clients at PWC (Palms Wellness Center) to get out and be active as their therapeutic support has began to help in addressing various types of needs they have come to us for care and support. We fully embrace what the holistic combined approach offers. If there is an idea, location, hobby, activity, or other resources you’d like to see, make sure to write us! Please visit our “home Page” to email us directly.

Wilson Bay Pier Fishing Jacksonville NC Downtown

Wilson Bay Park has a great place to relax and fish! Right downtown tucked away behind New Bridge Street. (make sure to have a fishing license). Enjoy these hidden secrets right in Jacksonville NC.

Submit Your Photo’s and Stories of your “Healthy Living” Adventure, hobbies, travels and more…

Here is “how” you can be an active participate in our Healthy Living Page…share your photo’s and Adventures, Creative ideas and more…

Make sure to submit your photo’s and  short stories, (1000 words or less pls) Every month we will be choosing 1-3 submission to post on our website.   All photo’s must be no larger than 6″x4″   pls (we are using “inches” to keep it simple, for those who do not know pixel size conversions). This is for everyone enjoying healthy hobbies, through outdoor explorations. Your own backyard, town nearby, anywhere in NC. from mountains to sea. Or for that Long Weekend that is a day drive away. We will be expanding to our next page of States nearby and afar for those looking for vacation spots (pls check for any current COVID-19 Updates for States and Countries you may plan to visit. You can click here to access the CDC for current updates as well.

Camp Site for the weekend near Asheville NC

Camping in the Woods near Asheville NC.

Healthy Living and Exploring with your child!

Taking your Child Fishing off the NC Coast. Building healthy memories for a life time.

NC Outdoors: Healthy Living and exploring in Surf City, just across this bridge to great beaches, fishing, food, photo shots and more. By Taylor Holder LCSW-CGCS 2021

Outdoor Resources for NC Living- Mental Health-Physical Health Needs

Off the coast of NC in Surf City NC. you can get out on a boat, explore the beaches, eat some good food, or simply relax on the beach.