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Smithsonian Institute Intersex Remains Identified.

For decades, archaeologists have debated the significance of a 900-year-old grave containing the remains of a person dressed in women’s clothing and buried alongside a hiltless sword. After its discovery in 1968 at Suontaka Vesitorninmäki, Hattula, Finland, some researchers suggested the tomb belonged to a female warrior, while others argued that it originally contained both a man and a woman.

A new DNA analysis published in the European Journal of Archaeology reveals that the grave belonged to a person who was probably intersex. Born with atypical chromosomes, they may have been nonbinary, meaning their gender identity was not exclusively male or female.



Committed to Serving  Individuals, Families, Practitioners and others facing challenges when individuals /Infants are born with Differences of Sex Development (DSD) also known as “Variations of Sex Development” (VSD)  While you may come across the usage of “Disorder” of Sex Development there is nothing supporting that it is a disorder, but simply a variation of development which has existed from the beginning of time.

The term  which may or may not include 1 of the 17 found  chromosome structures. It is now estimated that 1:300- 1:500  infants are born with mixed gonads, undefined/determined male or female  “tagged” parts, while making a persons true sex undefined at birth. For over 50 years now in the United States the medical profession in the Dept of Pediatric Urology surgically altered the infants natural parts “guessing” what sex it was “to be”. Hiding this method of practice from the public we must begin to protect the integrity of the infants body until they can be of age to tell what their true sex is.

Discovery is not Always at Birth:
More and more science based evidence is being disclosed that an “Intersex” child is not realized until they reach puberty and these variations become more apparent as their bodies do not develop in a manner which is “expected”. How this is addressed varies culture to culture. What we do know factually is that determining ones biological sex is not always as simple as one believes it to be. While evidence has supported this for over 300 plus years it would take modern science to increase the numbers known. Yet to this day in the USA these numbers are still being hidden from the general public, and medical education is not being provided in medical and nursing schools. There has been a minor change where it “might” be mentioned in a brief 5 min statement when last checked with those willing to even openly speak about the topic.

Increased Numbers of Intersex Persons
Why are we just now discovering the increased numbers of those born with this natural variation?  It is actually quite simple. Prior to the 1800’s we were only able to identify internal variations after one had an autopsy. These were not “as well these were not standardly practiced without a reason”. And due to the advanced abilities to look inside a “living” human being,  using advanced technology such as CT and MRI scans for two examples we are now finding the increased numbers of variations. There is often no reason to “look” or “test” unless an illness is being addressed and through the “by chance” a variation is discovered secondary. Is this always disclosed to the patient? No. Not by a long shot. That however is an entire chapter for a book all on its own. My desire is to keep this simple.

The politics behind the “sexes” has become increasingly difficult and has become entangled into politics which more information will be added shortly to assist those who are desiring to gain more knowledge to understand the challenges faced within the medical arena.

Spirituality and Identity
For those who are living their lives in Spiritual Faith related to the Bible I’d like to make quote directly from the Bible to help you see that that those who are born with variances of the biological body, it is not somehow “less than” or a made of “Evil”. Why this is sadly needed to be addressed  is due to the number of Intersex persons who have been told by many during their “childhood“… “Satin made you!”. The damage of these words cannot be understated.

This is not at all supported in any faith based Christian teachings from the Bible. I know that it is hard for many of us to accept new information. That said, if you are reading this you have interest or need in support, education or some form of help. So I write this to you as often it goes unspoken about in many churches. Im not faulting the churches, or making any assumptions. I’ve had many pastors come to me for further education to gain more understanding in creation of the sexes; so they can be a part of the “support” system greatly needed with kindness and love.

We cannot be defined by our bodies, only our spirit. Man will never truly understand creation but just maybe more will come to understand and embrace love.

The World Health Organization paper on sexual health summarizes concerns regarding the sexual health and rights of intersex persons, distinguishing between “medically unnecessary, often irreversible, interventions” resulting from “so-called sex normalizing procedures” to ensure that children’s bodies “conform to gendered physical norms” and procedures that “may sometimes be justified in cases of conditions that pose a health risk or are considered life-threatening,” noting that some of these may be poorly justified”.28



TaylorallpointsbookTaylor Holder LCSW-CGCS-MSW
Author of “All Points In Between: Shifting on the Scale of Sex and Gender.” ( Currently under revision making this work the longest study ever conducted and published. on the topic of Sex Identities) This work spans from 1990-current. 3rd Revision to be released in 2024/25 as it is an “extensive” Sociological Field Study spanning across the USA and participants across the globe.

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  • Global Human Rights Advocacy Work for Mental Health Care Access


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