Board Members

TaylorTaylor Holder LCSW-CGCS, President Palms Wellness Center Inc., is also the author of “All Points In-between: Shifting on the Scale of Sex and Gender.” Mr. Holder graduated from the dept of Sociology at Cal State University and conducted over 15 yrs of field research which was published in 2007. Mr. Holder received his Master Degree from East Carolina University for his MSW and received is Clinical license passing the Board in 2008, receiving his LCSW. He is also a member of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and the American Sociological Association (ASA) as well as a previous member of the Study of Society and Social Problems (SSSP). He has spoken on Panels, conducted workshops for “Intersex Awareness and Education”  Sponsored by the Hormel Center, as well as Conferences for Professional Providers in Boston Mass. LGBTI Human Rights Campaign educational panels for Intersex Awareness in San Francisco CA. and many others speaking engagements throughout the USA as well.  He is currently an elected member in a fill in position with the NASW (National Association of Social Workers) Social Justice and Economic Equality Committee based in Washington DC.

Currently providing Grief and Loss Therapy for those who have been impacted by COVID-19. Has been specialized in grief and loss with renewed “Certification” as of 2021. If you are facing terminal illness of yourself or a loved one, or have recently experienced loss, we want to encourage you to call us immediately for supportive therapeutic services. You really don’t need to bare this pain on your own. In person/office or telephone therapy is available to you across NC. 

He has worked with International Human Rights efforts for over 30 yrs.  He is currently working on future publications, and human equality issues for “stigmatized” populations while performing the duties as Clinical Director of Palms Wellness and providing direct patient care.Mr. Holder provides individual, family and group therapy as well as speaks nationally at health summits, and other venues throughout the US. Mr. Holder provides private practice specializing in Substance Abuse Addiction, PTSD,  Grief and Loss, Anxiety/Stress related health issues, Transitional care for Transgender adults,  Intersex infants family advocacy and support services within the medical community and family network,  and Autistic Spectrum Sensory challenges for  adults 18 and older. Mr. Holder also worked during his field research years, as a Special Education Teacher for LA Unified School District,


Mr Holder started his professional life in 1990 working in Community Development and Revitalization in Harrisburg PA. He holds both a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Community Development Rural, Urban, Global, as secondary fields of focus. He has been involved with Non Profit work for 30 yrs. Mr. Holder is also the Co Founder with Dr. Barnes for Palms Wellness Center Inc. (PWC).


victorVictor R Barnes MD, Vice President Palms Wellness Center Inc., has specialized in Psychiatry for over 25 yrs. With his Medical Degree from Easter Carolina University Brody School of Medicine, Dr. Barnes is dedicated to giving access to cutting-edge high technological treatment methodologies to the citizens of his community. Dr. Barnes is also dedicated to providing services as the President of a local nonprofit organization Palms Wellness Center. In our private practice, Dr. Barnes provides Suboxone treatment with great sensitivity to quality care for all clients. Dr. Barnes has also been the Chief Medical Officer for an in a patient care facility for adults and children suffering from MH/DD/SA issues.

Dr. Barnes also holds a specialized license for “Suboxone” Medication. This allows for our clinic to provide medication management in conjunction with individual therapy, to assist patients in their recovery from Opioid Dependency/Addiction, and also obtain safe pain treatment for chronic pain which is often directly associated with those who have histories from opioid medications which became problematic.

Dr. Barnes currently holds a secondary position working at the V.A. Clinic located in Jacksonville NC. working directly with military Veterans in the early part of his day. He is dedicated to veterans and worked for 5 yrs prior at the Naval Hospital on Camp Lejuene, Jacksonville NC.


Doug R Wisnioski Senior Special Operations Training Instructor, Retired US Army Special Forces Lt. Colonel, Executive Director of Operations and Public Affairs, Mr. Wisnioski is also a Gulf War Vet. and served with Special Forces Commander during Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti. He has conducted operations throughout Europe, Southwest Asia, and the Caribbean, as well as Central and South American. He also served as an Area Commander for the Federal Protective Service Police, DHS, responsible for law enforcement operations, special operations and physical security for over 150 Federal facilities in four counties of South Florida, with over 35,000 Federal Employees. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Mr. Wisnioski served as the agency’s Incident Commander for Alabama and Mississippi.

He has over 10 yrs of documented public relations success and expertise in national and international media relations, internal information, media training and public speaking.  Mr. Wisnioski served as the Special Assitant for Public Affairs to the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff. He served as the Fox News Military, on-camera Analyst in the aftermath of 911 terrorist attacks and the US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan as the script technical advisor for the Warner Brothers Feature film, “ Executive Decision”.

Mr. Wisnioski holds a BS degree in Police Administration from Eastern KY University and is a graduate of the Armed Forces Staff College, The British Army Staff College, The US Army Special Forces Qualification Course and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) Basic Police Academy.


Becky Fields MA, LPA, HSP-PA (Semi-Retired)
M.A. Psychology Wake Forest University 1979
B.A. Psychology Wake Forest University 1975

Professional Experience:

Prior to retirement Ms. Fields had founded an agency (FACT Specialized Services) and developed Residential, Day Treatment, and Outpatient programs to serve dually diagnosed children and adolescents with both a severe emotional disturbance or mental illness and a co-occurring developmental disability. Served as the Clinical Director of all three programs with a staff of approximately 35. Provided direct clinical services (individual/group/family therapy as well as psychological evaluations), screened all applicants, developed treatment plans, and provided other clinical services.

Spearheaded the agency’s pursuit of national CARF Accreditation in 2009 as well as North Carolina accreditation as a CABHA in 2010. Served as President/Chairman of the Board and was responsible for day-to-day administrative and fiscal management of the company and its programs.

Other positions held earlier in Ms. Fields career includes:

Created a Developmental Disabilities department in a local psychiatric hospital and then serving as the Director of Developmental Disabilities Services for its three programs (Acute In-Patient, Residential Inpatient, and Community-Based Residential Level III treatment).

Served as Psychologist/Director of Therapeutic Services for a private, non-profit organization providing com- munity residential services for severely handicapped children and adults. Also held both Administrative and Fiscal responsibilities for the $4.3 million budget.

Provided all needed psychological services for developmentally disabled clients and their families at the local Area Mental Health Program.

Was a partner in a private practice in clinical psychology serving adults and adolescents. Provided Consultation Services to various community agencies including juvenile courts, public schools, community colleges, universities, Head Start, and the Department of Corrections.

Was a partner in a private practice focusing largely in the areas of, diagnostic assessments with patients ranging in age from preschool through adulthood. While she designed and implemented behavioral treatment programs and served as co-therapist to provide family therapy for children and their families. Provided diagnostic services in the area of neuropsychological assessments at a major NC Medical Center earlier on in her extensive lifetime carrier.



Ms. Grace Adminstrative office Assistant/Lab Tech, oversight for office flow, filing, UA testings with patient lab needs, while also assisting requests for support of both Medical and Clinical Directors. Ms. Grace has extensive Administrative background working for the NJ State Legislature for over a decade, and more recently with Onslow Co. Dept. of Social Services for over 7 yrs. She also assists with front office check-in, and other variety of duties to meet the needs of patients as our number one priority.

Siobhan Miranda Medical Office Manager/Admin Assistant to Mr. Holder: Extensive years of experience working in operational functions for various Mental Health Non-Profit Organizations, expert billing/Codes specialist, and is the head of our financial department assisting patient needs. Siobhan is currently perusing continuing her academic goals!

Sharon Szeles Front Desk Patient Cordinator: has an extensive background in business management, and customer service. She is a native of NJ. having moved to NC. with her children and extended family well over a decade ago. She has been involved with local fund raisers, school team activities with her children and assists with families of disabled persons and animal rescue.